Thursday, December 24, 2009

ITS THE END!! ..............of 2009!!

hahaaaa... whut up peeps! 2009 is done!! new chapter of our lives, is expected..2010 HERE WE COOMEEE!! 09 has its up's and downs, some lost, some gained, sweat and tears are payed, sacrifices has been made,its all for the better good? maybe or maybe not, but one thing's for sure, for every new year we could assume that we could start our lives with a clean slate,
but sometimes its good to remember the past and what we left behind, its what makes how we are today... so we wont repeat any mistakes that we did, or re-do whatever we regret doing.. so i wish all human beings and all creatures, a happy new year! and have a great one this year!!
also this 2nd january, we will have a graff gathering hosted by the infamous PHBKLK,
its purpose to unite all graff writers here in malaysia!! so check out the details, and see you there!!!!!!!! GRAFF, BBQ, MUSIC N WHOLE LOTTA FUN!!!! now thats the way to start 2010!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

whut up beatiful people!!

lil lak

new arrivals!!

yahhh ive been missing for a few days, just done doing the "jomheboh" job as a dj, and finishing up a few designs for 2010, then have to send it to the office so they can send it to the printers.. and the main reason i havent been online for a while is i havent paid my broadband bill, hahahaha.. also some personal stuff.. new year's coming, cant wait, gotta be prepared for 2010, coz its crunch time for B.G.C! and yep the special editions of ironlaks pose, askew, tues and lil'laks (mini ironlak cans) are at districtr shop and selling fast!! so go get it before its all gone!! git it git it git it!!! hehehe

Sunday, November 29, 2009

chill sunday

What up beautiful people! today im just chillin, wasting time, all at one of my favourite spot at "district" shop n gallery, chillin with BTX from BMB, and katun frm PHBKLK, then BONKS and a couple of his friends came to the shop, with PHANTOM and his friends.. they came to buy some cans, and just catching up on up coming projects and all.. some of them thought they could come and be the first in k.l to grab the pose & askew ironlak cans but... as to their dissapointment the boss (bee) is not back from singapore picking up the cans,.. hahaha. well im still waiting for the cans also hahaha so while we wait i thought i might post the limited edition cans from ironlak, so u guys can appreciate the beauty of it.. from left is TUES, AUGOR, BANOS, ASKEW, POSE, & REALS.. all great graff writers, so by owning this cans you can own a piece of their artwork.. you can get it yourself at "DISTRICT" shop n gallery!!! aaaaaiiittteeeeeee?!

Friday, November 27, 2009


Supposedly tonite was gonna be a bombin nite with the PHB KLK, but, it got canceled to a insufficient amount of cans... hahahaha hopefully we gonna do it soon, coz im "itchin for sprayin"!! hehehe. So i've decided that im gonna show you what we did at our last gathering,

check it!! ( if you're interested to own one of those lowriders, you can just contact me or visit the district shop up at jalan imbi! )

What up peeps!

Well as you know today is Aidiladha, so its a good day to spend some time with your family and friends! To my family and friends selamat menyambut aidiladha, also to all muslims in the world. For bone, nothing much is goin on today, just waiting for the night to come, "The Guys" are planning to "rePaint" a wall tonite, so ill be hangin out with them, and then ill update with pics, after were done tonight. Cant tell you where, only tell you when were done, dont want any uninvited guest coming over to mess with us! HEHEHeEehEEheEhehEHeHE....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

B.G.C is ready for 2010!

2010 is gonna be it! like the late m.j, "This Is It"!!! Bone Graffiti Wear (B.G.C) is goin all out, new products like jeans and jackets is gonna be made just for you! New style and Flava is gonna be added to the mix, but 1st thing first,.. im new to this kinda stuff (blogging) so im gonna try to keep up, any comments are welcomed and suggestions for the clothing is very much appreciated! so,.. enjoy!! this is day 1.