Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Happy new year guys!and gurls.. so sorry for the MIA.. been busy keeping myself lazy as F%&*! although i hate bein lazy and doin nothin, but once ure in hybernation its sooooo hard to get up!! dont really know why.. maybe reachin 29 just suprised me a bit.. so probably im havin what they say is a quarter life crisis? HAHAHAHA well enuff of that! its time to work now! gonna be busy with SHOWDOWN 2011, yesss bone is involved again with 8tv's award winning reality tv dance competition, showdown 2010.. other than that.. really gotta start doin some new designs for "BONE" clothing.. after our new release of denim jeans, new designed full caps, and a few sweater jackets.. its not the way i wanted it.. but it sells, alhamdulillah.. the next batch gonna be more better.. i hope. Nowadays im seeing a lot of people and most of my friends are starting to buy a bike, a fixed gear bike as they say.. its becoming a trend now amongst malaysian teenagers, BUT! its a good and healthy trend i might say!!! GO AHEAD PEOPLE! RIDE MORE! probably i should start riding too! but i came across this NIRVE Cruiser bike brought down by SWITCHBLADE KUALA LUMPUR its a very classy lookin bike! it was like love at first sight! but they say its less effective to make it as workout bike.. BUT WHO CARES!!!! ill try to ride a lot longer, just to burn some fat! i dont really care.. its just looked SO DAMN COOL! hehehe

until next time...! if your tired of cycling.. LETS CRUISE!! hahaha