Wednesday, September 29, 2010


BONEDenim Long

BONEDenim shorts with marker pocket!

R.T.C comes in 3 colours black white & Brown
RM59.90 comes in 3 colours black white & Pink

Peace INDEX DOWN comes in 3 colours black white & Orange

CROSSBONE comes in 3 colours black white & Red

BONETANA comes in 3 colours black white & Turqoise

BONEBOMBER or BONELAK also comes in 3 colours black white & Yellow

BIG SKULL comes in 3 colours black white & Dark brown
RM59.90 each

SO sorry it took me a while to post it, there's so much goin on this few months, SHOWDOWN 2010, R16, Ramadhan, WALL LORDS FINAL @ shanghai, illest cypher @ singapore, all this happen before RAYA, now all is good back to the same routine, while all of this is happening, the "bone" NEW stuff came in stores, NEWS FLASH!! BONE GRAFF CLOTHING HAVE DENIM PANTS OUT !!! All for you!!! comes in shorts and long pants, washed out denim fabric, We kept it fairly SIMPLE because this is the 1st time we ever design a denim pants!! so we kept it safe.. for now.. hahaha this is just to get the customers feedback.. if its good, we'll keep on doin it, if its not, we'll do it BETTER!!! also for the tee's there's a few missin pics, no worries you guys can always check it out at the Echo Park stores near you... and some of the designs is a spoof of what its like if "BONE" have its own cans... hehehe again if you're reading this, THANK YOU!! if you're a FAN of "BONE" GRAFF CLOTHING, You GOT BONE! and in short YOURE THE BEST!!!

quick note- for the next batch.. probably around december.. every purchase of "BONE" product you will receive a special GIFT!!

thank you. ;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New T's From Bone Graff Wear!!!

New stuff from "BONE" arrived at all your favourite echo park stores near YOU! This design is more on clowns, latino tattoo style design with "bone" touch added to it.. :)

So go get it now before its all GONE!....

Coming soon: BabyT's & Cap's!

support "bone" coz ur "bone" supports YOU!

Graff & Bomb & Tag & Bomb & Graff

Its been a busy week for the malaysian Graffiti scene, since the month of May we had the WallLords 2010 the malaysian selection, at the Youth 2010 at PWTC, the winners are KL ZNC (budean & Kay), runners up are PHBKLK (Katun & Siek), & Medium Touch. KL ZNC will be representing Malaysia for the WallLords in Shanghai, truth be told the contestants that day were PHBKLK split into three crews which is KL ZNC, PHBKLK, & RTC. Safe to say that PHBKLK will be representing malaysia to the WallLords in Shanghai! Lets Wish them LUCK!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! at the Malaysian selection, we had a guest from australia/germany ORBIT whose co-judged along with SLAC SATU from ZNC singapore and BEE PHBKLK from KL, everybody did an amazing pieces that day.. the contestants were KL ZNC(budean&Kay), PHBKLK (katun & siek) RTC (Carpet & Bone), BMB (a'80's & Elms), MediumTouch.

Not many contestants this year because this is the first WallLords in malaysia, so this is more like a trial run. The next day we took Orbit to a graff spot at wangsa maju, we did a samurai themed piece with ORBIT & PHBKLK. Looking Foward For Shanghai WallLordz!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! also they said theres a graff comp at singapore organized by ZNC, but thats a whole other blog.. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Revolution Magz GOT BONED!

Bone was interviewed in a skate mag called revolution.. showin their love for the graff scene, i had the privilege to be the 1st showin love to the malaysian graff scene.!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This time we got Long Sleeve's and Baby T's, for girls each design got 3 fabric colours, purple black n white, for the guys we got Red black n white.. 4 new designs.. get it before its all gone!! peace!!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Graff & Unite was a BLAST!!!

Crazy day on the 2nd of january, over 63 bombers gathered at klang river ( overlooking at the pasar seni L.R.T ) started around 12 o'clock in the afternoon, writers on the left side, characters & 3d on the right,.. all started struttin their stuff.. puttin on their crazy caps and shakin their cans, all started bombin at the same time, it was fun watching all writers and artist focusing totally on creating their piece.. photographers started snapping from the beginning all the way till the end, despite that it rained around 2.30pm, thank god its only for a while, around 3pm we started bombin again...while the guys are almost done with their piece around 5pm it rained again, but this time nobody ran for cover, coz they all wanna finish their piece on time for the barbeque later that at district shop & gallery.. They finished all the piece around 8pm, just in time to go back and clean themselves up, and head on to the district, that night we all gathered for chicken and sausages, with wakaka tearin' up the dance floor, and dj hanip providing the beats..the night was started... after the wild performance by wakaka, we moved on to the MALAYSIAN FLATLAND AWARDS in conjuction with the RIDE N UNITE that night, they handed out awards to the winners of 2009 best riders.. CONGRATS!! after the awards, dj hanip took over, and put on some beats for the b.boys that came that night!!! at the same time, outside down on the streets kayuh organized a bunny hop competition for the riders.. it was crazy!! the riders jump as high as heck!!! but the highest that night was "amy hellboy" that took the cash. In the shop dj mimi FLIP, took over, to bring out that ol skool breakbeats! even bboys from japan (big up to hiro!!) came down to district to jam with the local bboys, some of the funky fresh familia and the universal zulu nation malaysia chapter tearing up the dance floor!!! the night ended at around 2am.. everybody was happy to be there and chilling with friends.. shout out to hud evil hud! he didnt get a chance to play his set, coz the floor has been took over by the bboys.. hehehe no hard feelings,.. he's cool, he got to chill wit all the peeps!.. RESPECT TO DISTRICT/PHBKLK FOR ORGANIZING THE GRAFF & UNITE, KAYUH BMX, DJ HANIP, ANOWL, HUD EVIL HUD, WAKAKA, FLOOR FEVER (FUNKY FRESH FAMILY), U.Z.N MALAYSIA CHAPTER, ALL THE OTHER BBOYS, AND BGIRL MAE FROM CANADA, ALL THE BMX RIDERS, ALL THE 63 GRAFF WRITERS THAT CAME, Z.N.C, P.W, RTC, WHAAATTUUPP!!! AND ESPECIALLY TO ALL THAT CAME AND GOT INVOLVED THAT 2ND OF JANUARY!! BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR MORE EVENTS!!! PEACE LOVE UNITY & HAVING FUN!