Sunday, June 13, 2010

Graff & Bomb & Tag & Bomb & Graff

Its been a busy week for the malaysian Graffiti scene, since the month of May we had the WallLords 2010 the malaysian selection, at the Youth 2010 at PWTC, the winners are KL ZNC (budean & Kay), runners up are PHBKLK (Katun & Siek), & Medium Touch. KL ZNC will be representing Malaysia for the WallLords in Shanghai, truth be told the contestants that day were PHBKLK split into three crews which is KL ZNC, PHBKLK, & RTC. Safe to say that PHBKLK will be representing malaysia to the WallLords in Shanghai! Lets Wish them LUCK!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! at the Malaysian selection, we had a guest from australia/germany ORBIT whose co-judged along with SLAC SATU from ZNC singapore and BEE PHBKLK from KL, everybody did an amazing pieces that day.. the contestants were KL ZNC(budean&Kay), PHBKLK (katun & siek) RTC (Carpet & Bone), BMB (a'80's & Elms), MediumTouch.

Not many contestants this year because this is the first WallLords in malaysia, so this is more like a trial run. The next day we took Orbit to a graff spot at wangsa maju, we did a samurai themed piece with ORBIT & PHBKLK. Looking Foward For Shanghai WallLordz!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! also they said theres a graff comp at singapore organized by ZNC, but thats a whole other blog.. :)

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