Wednesday, September 29, 2010


BONEDenim Long

BONEDenim shorts with marker pocket!

R.T.C comes in 3 colours black white & Brown
RM59.90 comes in 3 colours black white & Pink

Peace INDEX DOWN comes in 3 colours black white & Orange

CROSSBONE comes in 3 colours black white & Red

BONETANA comes in 3 colours black white & Turqoise

BONEBOMBER or BONELAK also comes in 3 colours black white & Yellow

BIG SKULL comes in 3 colours black white & Dark brown
RM59.90 each

SO sorry it took me a while to post it, there's so much goin on this few months, SHOWDOWN 2010, R16, Ramadhan, WALL LORDS FINAL @ shanghai, illest cypher @ singapore, all this happen before RAYA, now all is good back to the same routine, while all of this is happening, the "bone" NEW stuff came in stores, NEWS FLASH!! BONE GRAFF CLOTHING HAVE DENIM PANTS OUT !!! All for you!!! comes in shorts and long pants, washed out denim fabric, We kept it fairly SIMPLE because this is the 1st time we ever design a denim pants!! so we kept it safe.. for now.. hahaha this is just to get the customers feedback.. if its good, we'll keep on doin it, if its not, we'll do it BETTER!!! also for the tee's there's a few missin pics, no worries you guys can always check it out at the Echo Park stores near you... and some of the designs is a spoof of what its like if "BONE" have its own cans... hehehe again if you're reading this, THANK YOU!! if you're a FAN of "BONE" GRAFF CLOTHING, You GOT BONE! and in short YOURE THE BEST!!!

quick note- for the next batch.. probably around december.. every purchase of "BONE" product you will receive a special GIFT!!

thank you. ;)

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